(Parasetamol 1 g/100 mL, 500 mg/50 mL)


Farmadol is one of the flagship products from Fahrenheit. The composition is paracetamol in IV form.

Paracetamol itself, is a well known drug in the worldwide, usually used as 1st line treatment for fever. Recently, many studies show that paracetamol has important role in the post operative pain management.

This technique is known as multimodal analgesia which combine paracetamol with other analgesic drugs. The obstacle in Indonesia at that time is no iv paracetamol product available. Based on market research, Fahrenheit decided to develop this product and finally we successful to be the 1st company launching paracetamol in iv form in 2009. Fahrenheit launch Farmadol infusion in vial 50 mL & 100 mL