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In accordance to our vision and mission, we at Fahrenheit believe that our existence, as well as our future, depends entirely on our ability to consistently manufacture products of the highest quality. Therefore, we believe that effective total quality management is aside from being a basic necessity, also a top priority.

Fahrenheit adheres to the following parameters in manufacturing the drugs have to be completely safe, they have to be authentic and have the highest purity, and they should have a reputable and reliable efficacy. Fahrenheit has implemented total quality management procedures which adhere to the International GMP Standards and are coordinated from fully equipped, modern laboratories led by highly qualified pharmacists. In addition, the company implements and strictly carries out the ‘World Manufacturing Practice’ which ensures that quality is etched directly into its products.


“I do solemnly pledge that I will tell the doctor the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, that I will make no exaggerated claims of superiority or safety; that I will always give adequate assurance and proof that what I say about a product is true; that I will constantly remind myself that no mediation is 100% effective in all patients and that even a placebo may cause distressing side effect in some patients; and that the difference between the product I am detailing and the product the doctor has been using is much smaller in his eyes than in my own, and any exaggeration in this difference will only serve to confirm previous prescription writing habit. Professionalism belongs to every business level, from the chairman of the board to the operator of the manufacturing equipment. The job itself is not important; it’s how you do it that counts. There is only one way to take pride in what you do: “Do the best job you possibly can”. To do that you have to sort out your priority. By doing so you will be able to improve your skill for the sake of Fahrenheit growth”.

The medical representatives dedication to the above pledge, as well as their desire to promote high value medicine, contribute to the significant sales growth achieved in the recent years. Fahrenheit has enjoyed consistent sales growth due to our hard work in ensuring the highest quality in our products leading to a high level of respect and loyalty among our customers.

As a leading pharmaceutical company in Indonesia, Fahrenheit understands the importance of conducting market surveys to explore new opportunities, evaluate the market, assess customer needs, and study global marketing trends prior to the product launch. This approach ensures the most suitable selection of available resources in order to achieve the best rate of return and achieve our vision of becoming the leading pharmaceutical company in Indonesia focusing on specialty products.

With years of experience in medical training, our marketing team has successfully penetrated the specialty market which has been historically dominated by multinational companies. The team has always, and will continue to spread its influence through medical seminars, promotions, social media, and more. At present, Fahrenheit’s marketing network covers almost all of Indonesia, with 34 bases, 360 Medical Representatives, 146 Supervisors, 36 Regional Sales Managers and 6 Sales Managers. The company’s influence has also spread regionally, with exports to the Philippines, Thailand, Brunei, Timor Leste, Saudi Arabia, Ethiopia, Pakistan, Jordania, Malaysia.