A Message from the Managing Director


A Message from the Managing Director

“We consistently provide improvements in product quality and cost reduction through continuous innovation and collaboration to serve customers with products of the highest quality in order to gain their respect and loyalty”

These words reflect the company’s mission statement since its inception in 1988 and will continue to do so in the coming future. Each and every word in the mission statement has been carefully chosen to reflect our company strategy in order to live up to the expectations and standards envisioned by it.

Tough competition by market globalization drives us to deliver high quality products through innovation that encapsulates new ideas and collaboration to encourage creativity. In addition, Farhrenheit is seeking to expand its lineup by seeking collaboration with partners overseas to develop and distribute licensed new products. Partnership like these allows the construction of distribution networks for the company which can provide us with new opportunities to expand beyond the local market. Together with our local products, Fahrenheit is able to deliver new products and concepts to provide customers with products that meet their needs, keeping in mind the mission statement.

However, the mission statement does not end there. It is carried on in the hearts of people in Fahrenheit, guiding everyone to do their very best for the sake of achieving the company vision and mission. Moreover, as we are rapidly expanding, it is also important that our partners, suppliers and customers are fully aware of the goals of the company and the direction it is taking. As Managing Director of this company, I believe that this brief statement sends an important message to everyone within the organization and to those who interact with Fahrenheit, and we should take pride in this clear statement of direction.